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Dental Filling
Charlotte, NC

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materials at Myers Park Dental Partners in Charlotte, NC 28207-1860Dental fillings are the most common procedures done within the dental community. It could be for a tooth filling or maybe a gap between your teeth or even to cover up the remnants of a cavity. Irrespective of what you need the filling for, they are versatile and have many benefits. If you suspect that you have a gap or a cavity that needs attention, visit our office at Myers Park Dental Partners and let us take a look at your teeth to decide whether or not a filling would be a good idea.

More Than Just A Remedy For Cavities

Although a lot of people look at a dental filling as a temporary solution, our professionals use these fillings as a permanent remedy for various purposes. It could be used to cover up a small chip in your tooth, fill up a cavity or decrease the gap between two teeth. This is a non-invasive and inexpensive procedure that can last you a long time and work well with your natural teeth.

They Can Last Long

If you are under the impression that dental fillings are not long lasting, then you should visit our office and check out the various kinds of dental fillings we have on offer. When maintained well, these dental fillings can last a long time. This includes the fillings that are used for your back molars, so you don't have to treat them gently. You just need to ensure that you clean them well and visit us regularly for them to last long.

Support Weakened Tooth Structure

If there is a big gap between your teeth, the structure of your jaw will start changing and this will ruin the overall aesthetic appeal of your face. A simple filling can help keep your jaw in place and prevent your teeth from moving or gliding. This enables your facial structure to remain the same. It also ensures that the teeth on either side of the filling are not weakened.

Your teeth act like a support system for each other and all 32 soldiers stand side by side in support of each other and maintain integrity. When one of them falls off or gets loose, it risks the structural integrity for the rest of them as well. A filling can prevent this from happening and ensure that your soldiers stay strong.

Prevent Infections

Sometimes when your tooth enamel is eroded, it could result in infections and tooth sensitivity. These are difficult to treat and could cause a lot of pain. However, a simple filling not only prevents further enamel loss, but protects your teeth against infections and keep them healthy.

Improved Tooth Functionality

One of the best things about dental fillings is their versatility and functionality. It makes you feel more comfortable using them and it's easy for you to adjust with the fillings. Fillings also match your natural tooth color, making them aesthetically appealing. They won't stand out or look weird in your mouth because they would be the same color as your teeth.

If you have questions about dental fillings don't hesitate to give us a call at (704) 332-2532. You can also schedule a dental exam and visit us here at Myers Park Dental Partners. During the exam, we will conduct a digital x-ray which will help us determine the best treatment option for you.
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Dental fillings are used to treat an prevent cavities and tooth decay. Call Myers Park Dental Partners in Charlotte to schedule a dental exam and tooth filling!
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